Mental Health Pro-D Day

Design your own Pro-D day!

Choose mental health modules to tailor your day to the needs of your school. Each module will include a component on the impact or role of social media/technology on the related topic.


Available Modules:

Module 1: Conducting a Suicide Risk Assessment

Learn how to conduct an SRA that takes into account risk and protective factors as well as the culture and climate of your school.


Module 2: Responding to Self-harm

Learn how to respond to self-harm by individuals and tackle trends such as cutting clubs.


Module 3: Anxiety and ADHD in the Classroom

Learn practical interventions for managing ADHD and anxiety in the classroom, and understanding the role of these mental health presentations on the brain and on learning.


Module 4: Grounded Classrooms

Learn how to modify the physical environment to become trauma-informed, and reduce stressors on children and youth with mental health, behavioural, and learning struggles.


Module 5: Mental Health Literacy

Learn how to create a school environment that is mental health friendly.  The course teaches you to focus on social and emotional learning, and how to respond appropriately to stress and significant events.


Module 6: Resilience and Mental Wellness

Learn how to practice self-care, manage stress, and creative positive mental health for yourself in the ever changing classroom environment.


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