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Gangs and Guns 2019 Pre-Conference Workshops

AM Workshops are presented from 9:00-11:30

AM Workshop Option 1


9:00 – 10:30

Tragedy and the Aftermath

The presentation is a complete debriefing of the Dallas Shooting from the perspective of the team I was with that night during the shootout. It is a detailed, step by step of what occurred that night. In addition, I planned to cover the aftermath with the impact it had on officers including myself, the steps the department did to help officers grieve, lessons learned that night, and changes made by command staff in the future coverings of protest events.


10:30 – 11:15

Provincial Gangs and Guns Strategy

Illegal firearms in the hands of criminals often lead to violent events where people are seriously hurt or killed.  In this session a discussion will occur around what firearms are being seen in British Columbia, the sources of these firearms and recent trends in illegal firearms trafficking and seizures. In addition, this session will provide an overview of the new innovative Gang Reduction Through Informed Practice (GRIP)  training.


 An update on present day youth and firearm trends.


AM Workshop Option 2

9:00 – 11:30


Shattering the Myth

 This session will explore the localization of the End Gang Life Program to the City of Surrey.  This session will describe how the Surrey RCMP and the Surrey School District are working together to bring an anti-gang and drug trafficking message to the residents of Surrey.


PM Workshops are presented from 1:00 – 3:00

PM Workshop – Option 1


Social Media: Gangs, Guns, and Social Media

This session will cover the core principles of Digital Threat Assessment training that have been successfully delivered across North America but now applied to gangs and gun-related investigations. A detailed look will be taken at how publicly available social media content can be accessed to ensure public safety and enhance intelligence. You will learn about online verification tools that allow you to assess whether firearms or drug-related pictures are unique or downloaded images as well as tips and tricks that our Threat Analyst’s use on a daily basis to map out negative peer groups. You will walk away with actionable tools.


PM Workshop – Option 2


Session Title: Her Time

Description: Detective Avelar and Detective Parhar will present on a new and innovative program geared toward steering young women away from the gang lifestyle as either participants or knowing bystanders.  They utilize real-life examples of this program and how women can easily be drawn willingly or unwillingly into this dangerous lifestyle.


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