Caleb Young

Gainsville Police Department
High Risk Coordinator

About Caleb Young

A native of Gainesville, Florida, Caleb Young noticed disparities within the local demographic that inspired him to work with leaders in the community, as well as community residents, local business owners, faith leaders, service providers and at-risk individuals to promulgate the message that violence should not be viewed as normal but as behavior that can be changed.

During his 18-year tenure at the Gainesville Police Department, Caleb has worked with a culmination of multi-disciplinary professionals from the fields of law enforcement, intervention and prevention, employment outreach, education, mental health and social services, with the purpose of working together to case-manage and prevent violence by identifying and mediating potentially lethal conflicts within the community, as well as implementing follow up procedures to ensure that conflict does not reignite. Caleb currently oversees the Nspire Violence Interrupters Program, Outpost Program, RESET Program, and High-Risk Interventions, which includes gang intervention, community advocacy, and youth intervention.

Caleb is also pursuing a higher education at Columbia Southern University and has the pleasure of serving as a Certified Youth Practitioner Supervisor and Gang Investigator. Caleb proudly holds certifications with the National Alliance of Mental Illness Crisis Intervention Team, Advanced Gang Investigator certified through the Florida Gang Investigators Association, Certified Forensic Specialist through Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Career & Employment Specialist through CareerSource of North Central Florida, and is a Certified Drill instructor.

Through years of growth and accomplishments, Caleb aspires to continue combatting violence in the community by educating and empowering youth, as well as young adults; ultimately decreasing the recidivism rate through systems designed to offer help and not harm.

Presentation | Community Response: Implementing Effective Mechanisms and Strategies to Counter Gang and Gun Violence in Infiltrated Communities through Intervention and Prevention

This session will provide an overview of addressing the critical issue of gun violence and its impact on our communities, the ROSE framework offers a holistic approach to fostering community safety and resilience. ROSE stands for Respond, Organize, Spread, and Engage, representing key pillars that empower communities to counter gang and gun violence effectively.