Current Online Behavioral Trends & Updates

These recorded training sessions are designed to complement Safer Schools Together’s (SST) Digital Threat Assessment® training. Social media and digital behaviors are constantly changing. SST’s “Current Online Behavioral Trends & Updates” are designed to keep School Safety / Threat Assessment (SS/TA) teams informed on the most recent online trends and updates.

Current Online Behavioral Trends & Updates | 1-Year Subscription

SST’s 1-Year (10-session) Subscription gives you access to each live session and recording for a period of 30 days following the training.

May 2021 – Why Do Students Watch Anime and When Should You Be Concerned?

An overview of anime.

Apr 2021 – The Importance and Impact of Anonymous Reporting Tools

An overview of the importance and impact of anonymous reporting tools.

Mar 2021 – Violent Video Games & New Apps

An overview of violent video games and new apps.

Feb 2021 – Discord, Twitch and Online Gaming

An overview of Discord, Twitch and online gaming.

Jan 2021 – TikTok Overview

An overview of the social media landscape with an emphasis on TikTok trends.

Trauma-Informed Return to School

As schools prepare for the return to physical spaces, we must take the mental health of staff and students into consideration in a trauma-informed return to school. This session is intended for staff and community partners who support school safety, climate/culture and critical incident/trauma-related matters.

Trauma-Informed Return to School (Elementary)

What does a trauma-informed school look like?

Trauma-Informed Return to School (Secondary)

What does a trauma-informed school look like?

Parenting in the Pandemic

Understand what your child may be feeling as they return to school, and how to respond as a parent.

Mental Health

Mental Health Micro Modules for Staff, Students, and Parents.

Depression and Successful Intervention Strategies

How to identify depression in your students.

Substance Use and Anxiety During Covid-19 Times with Q&A

Outlining the pressures that youth are facing and strategies for coping with anxiety.

Supporting Youth in Managing Stress and Anxiety (For Students)

Tools and tips for students to manage stress and anxiety.

The Rapid Rise of Vaping and its Harmful Impact on Our Youth

Insight for parents and educators on the dangers of vaping.