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Our Team – U.S.A.

Our Team - USA

Theresa Campbell

Theresa Campbell is the President of Safer Schools Together, an organization focused on promoting a climate and culture of safety in schools and Executive Director, International Centre for Threat Assessment (ICTA). Theresa established Safer Schools Together (SST) in 2008, to provide Read More»

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Sam Jingfors
Vice President

Sam Jingfors is the Vice President of Safer Schools Together (SST) and delivers safe school related training throughout the organization. He manages the fast-paced Safer Schools Together Social Media Team and is the lead developer and trainer of the “Digital Threat Assessment” Training day that Read More»

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Eric Tamashasky

Eric Tamashasky became the Legal Advisor for the St. Joseph County Police Department in April of 2011. As part of that role, he is deputized as a law enforcement officer and shares responsibility over the St. Joseph County Cybercrimes Unit. Eric serves as an investigator for the unit, is part Read More»

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Mia Langheim

Mia Ray Langheim, M.S., M.A. (in Progress), is an expert in lessons learned from previous school shooting incidents, school safety situational awareness, suspicious activity in schools, school-based social media intelligence, mitigation, and prevention techniques. She has educated Read More»

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