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    Amanda Lee

    Threat Analyst

    Amanda got accepted into the BCIT Forensic Science Advanced Certificate Program in Spring/Summer 2018. In Winter 2021, Amanda pursued the BCIT Forensic Crime and Intelligence Analysis Advanced Certificate Program in tandem. Prior to BCIT, Amanda completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology from the University of Victoria. Prior to joining Safer Schools Together in late October 2022, Amanda worked in the casino and hospitality industry for 6 years. Amanda started in the Cage Department and later transferred to the Surveillance Department in management.

    Amanda also worked part-time with Paladin Security as a BC Hydro Security Command Centre Operator, conducting alarm monitoring and access control. Amanda developed skills in utilizing integrated software systems for conducting surveillance and investigations in money laundering crimes and various threats. In her free time, Amanda enjoys working on her small business project making wax melts. Amanda also enjoys going on road trips, hiking, and camping in the summer, and snowboarding in the winter.