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James Christopher

Director of Marketing

James Christopher is a strategic marketing leader recognized for his expertise in product marketing, demand engineering, and B2B strategy. He excelled as the Director of Go-To-Market Programs at Blackline Inc., where he was instrumental in developing and implementing robust marketing and sales motion strategies that fueled company revenue in new markets. His achievements include leading transformative initiatives at Deckard Technologies Inc. as VP of Product Marketing, where he spearheaded the launch of innovative AI solutions for real estate market data and leading engagement and partnerships for Azion’s flagship computing platform. James has also led growth and technical marketing teams for clients across the life sciences, enterprise software, and cybersecurity sectors.

He holds an MSc in Marketing and Information Technologies from the University of Liverpool and Kingston University London respectively, in addition to postgraduate work in Data Analytics from Northwestern University and Behavioral Economics at the London School of Economics, integrating analytical acumen with market insights to fuel growth.