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Sarah McKay


Sarah McKay is a trainer for Safer Schools Together and Assistant Manager in the Safe
Schools Department of Surrey School District.  In her role, she supervises staff, designs and provides programs, and works directly with vulnerable and at-risk youth.  The work of the Safe Schools Department involves proactive and reactive efforts, focusing on creating environments where every student can feel a sense of safety, belonging, and a chance for success.

Sarah joined the Safe Schools Department in 2012 after graduating from Indiana University. Sarah also played professional basketball in Europe.  Sarah’s experiences as an elite athlete, a team member, and leader have informed her practice. Especially
around the elements required to build resilience, a quality each of us needs in order to thrive.

Sarah has focused her work and research on the impacts of trauma on individuals and communities. As well as how our school systems and public bodies can help support those who have been impacted by trauma into a healthier and more hopeful space. Sarah has also supported schools in their responses to critical incidents, recognizing that there are specific conditions that lead to and follow any significant threat to safety.  She has worked with staff to recognize the potential signals, has created action plans and protocols to effectively address the incident itself and has followed up to help the impacted community re-establish a positive and healthy norm.