Our Team

Sarah McTyeire

Threat Analyst / Trainer

Sarah McTyeire’s background in school safety began while studying Community Health at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. During her studies, she researched teachers’ perceptions of school safety at a local high school. As a Capstone project, she designed a theoretical health program to prevent school shootings utilizing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and bullying prevention.

Before joining Safer Schools Together, Sarah worked at a Federally Qualified Health Center serving low-income and underserved populations in Tacoma, WA. During her tenure, she developed and led community-based diabetes education programs. Sarah composed dental health lesson plans and educational materials for Pierce County schools. Her work also included training staff and community members to become leaders in health education programs.

Sarah is a vital member of the Safer Schools Together Threat Analyst team. She collects social media data that assists schools in Canada and the United States in addressing worrisome and threat-related online behaviors. As a presenter, she provides workshops to students, staff, and parents on Social Media Awareness, and online personal and public safety.

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