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Social Media Checklist for Parents

Social Media evolves every single day – it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the changes, new apps and trends, and everything else going on in the digital world. Safer Schools Together has created a Social Media Checklist for Parents to help navigate what you can do as a parent to stay on top of what your child may be experiencing in their “digital life”.

Click Here to Download the Social Media Parents Checklist 2020

Common Sense Media Digital Contract

Common Sense Media has created a Family Media Agreement to help parents create common ground and mutual understanding with their school-aged children on staying safe and alert online. Included are 3 grade-level specific “contracts” for families to sign together to ensure that responsibility and accountability are established for children when using the internet.

Click Here to Download the Common Sense Media Digital Contract

These contracts recognize that media is a big part of children’s lives today, even if parents don’t necessarily understand why. These Family Media Agreements are built to strengthen trust between families and allow children to understand why their parents may be concerned about their media use instead of feeling as though their parents do not understand. Allowing children an opportunity to be held accountable for protecting their own privacy, reputation, and personal information can be the start of a solid foundation of understanding the digital world and how to use it responsibly.

Safer Schools Together has created a Parent Resources page which we will continue to update.

Professional Resources

We also offer Professional Resources on many useful topics but they are hidden behind a simple password. Please contact us to learn more.

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