Professional Development

  • Codes of Conduct – ensuring policy translates into action
  • Promoting Connectedness – with staff, students, parents and community partners
  • Assessing and Improving School/Class Climate & Culture – ensuring all of our schools are naturally open
  • Exploring the Importance of the Role of Physical Environment in Schools
  • Impact of Domestic/Dating Violence in our Schools
  • Criteria for Program Selection & Implementation (e.g. Social Emotional Learning)
  • Diversity – design for difference to address homophobia, racism and systemic racism
  • The Difference between Peer Conflict, Mean Behaviour and Bullying Behaviour
  • Types of Bullying Behaviours
  • Successful Intervention Strategies & Tools to Address the Different Types of Bullying
  • Effects of Bullying Behaviour on Children and Youth
  • Managing Social Media & the Evolution of Sexting Behaviours

Training Resources

Each session will receive the following tools and resources: *

  • Training manuals
  • 2 hours of post training consultation
  • School Culture Check
  • Responding to Problem Behaviour at School/Self Evaluation Tool for School Teams
  • Diversity/Discrimination Resources
  • Physical/Verbal/Relational Bullying and Cyber Bullying Research & Prevention Resources
  • Bullying Behaviour Flowchart & Checklist
  • Take U Out of Bullying Classroom Based Resource
  • Text & Social Communication/Abbreviation Dictionary

* (up to 60 copies provided, additional copies will be extra)

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