Responding to Racism and Targeted Hate | Aug 31, 2021

Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Login: 8:30 am Pacific Time (Vancouver, BC)
Session: 9:00 am–11:00 am Pacific Time (Vancouver, BC)
Individual ticket price: $39 

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This session provides expert insight from trainers who have worked in the field of restorative practice in communities affected by racism and hate. Our schools and school districts are not immune to racism or the difficulties of diffusing tensions that have escalated at provincial/state, national, and international levels. This training will give insight on how to reach out to students to help create feelings of being valued, respected, and wanted. Racism is not limited to day-to-day experiences in public and at school. This training will explore the digital trends and threats (hate, racism, and prejudice) online and on social media. To deal with issues such as racism and prejudice you will be introduced to the benefits of a reporting tool, walked through how to use one, and how to properly implement a reporting tool in your districts. Using the tools from this training we strive to provide a deeper understanding of how to create a positive experience for all students at school and online.

 This training will include:

  • Awareness of the cultural temperatures in our school
  • Learning what the three levels of racism are
  • The positives of discussing racism in our communities
  • The history of racism
  • What is privilege?
  • What is Restorative Practice?
  • Creating awareness of online trends related to racism
  • What a Circle Process is and how to implement it in your classroom
  • What is a reporting tool and why is it important?
  • Guided questions that are important to use when unpacking crisis within the school
  • What is Community vs Non-Community in relation to racism?


Nick Brown
Trainer/Consultant for Safer Schools Together

Upon completion of the Human Services Foundation program in 2003, Nick began his career at Lutherwood, a mental health treatment center and youth custody program. Throughout the next 16 years, he worked alongside a multi-disciplinary team, providing strength based, client centered treatment to vulnerable youth and their families. As time progressed, he moved into a Family Counsellor role, offering direct support to at-risk and high-risk families in the creation of goal setting and providing professional recommendations upon completion.

For 12 years, he worked for John Howard Society in the YARD Program – a community-based gang-exit program serving youth involved with/or at risk of joining a gang.  Through this program, behaviour change support was provided to youth through the development of pro-social, leadership and employability skills.

Nick is a trainer and consultant for Safer Schools Together and works for the District of Surrey where he is an active member of the WRAP team. His dedication and commitment for this work comes from his training and experience in attachment and restorative justice.

Steven MacDonald
Threat Analyst/Trainer for Safer Schools Together

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Victoria, Steven specialized in language analytics and artificial intelligence for major media corporations in the Tech Industry. He now is a Trainer and Digital Threat Analyst for Safer Schools Together.

Steven’s experience and knowledge in both technology and the world of social media have enabled him to have a greater understanding and a more hands-on approach to working with school-aged children with the ability to assist in data collection and accurate threat assessments for school districts nationwide.

As a trainer, Steven is passionate about providing presentations and workshops to students, staff, and parents on social media awareness, the importance of creating a positive digital footprint, cyberbullying, and online safety.

Rob Rai
Trainer for Safer Schools Together/Director of School & Community Connections for the Surrey School District #36, BC, Canada

Rob currently holds the position of Director of School & Community Connections for the Surrey School District (British Columbia’s largest School District) and has been working in the field of school-based youth violence prevention for the last 11 years in both this and his previous position as Manager of Safe Schools for the Surrey School District. His work in this field has taken him throughout North America where he has collaborated with experts on the subject in both Canada and the USA. Recognized for his innovative approaches to working with students and at-risk youth Rob has been awarded numerous honors in Canada and in the USA, including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012.





An email will be sent to attendees 2 business days prior to the event date with the Zoom information to join this session.  Please look out for this and check your spam/junk folder in case it is routed there.

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