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Gang Prevention / Intervention

Gang Training 1

Professional Development

  • Creating a universal definition of youth gangs based on a geographical and cultural context for your community, including how that meshes with the legal definition.
  • Identification, tracking and intervention of negative peer groups as they evolve towards youth gangs and serious criminality.
  • Establishing baselines for individuals within youth gangs. How to track their commitment, impact and leadership within the negative collective.
  • Training on how to use socio and genograms to understand the relationships and drivers of criminal evolution and increase within individuals, collectives, and communities.
  • Establishing baselines for negative peer groups and youth gangs as they evolve, with a focus on site and target selection.
  • Intervening with individuals and collectives based on the drivers of their behaviour, either by reputation enhancement or for the proceeds of crime.
  • Creating resiliency and exit strategies within your community based on the resources that already exist; without the expectation of additional funding dollars.

Gang Training 2

Training Resources

Each session will receive the following tools and resources: *

  • Training presentation
  • Inventory of best practice on youth gang intervention programs in North America
  • Universal framework on developing local assessment tools to capture contextual and geographic risk and protective factors exclusive to your community
  • Universal framework on developing measurement tools to capture the impact of intervention strategies while guiding case management
  • Universal framework to develop and identify historical pathways to anti-social, criminal, and gang involvement in your community
  • Safer Schools Together flowcharts and checklists designed to guide and assist with the development of gang intervention strategies in your community

For the district: One year free District Anonymous Web-Based Reporting Tool –

* (up to 60 copies provided, additional copies extra)


This training provided by Safer Schools Together is the best I’ve seen in terms of being proactive to the problems facing the education industry in terms of school violence. They are effective regardless of country of origin, as problems such as schools violence and bullying know no geographical boundaries. – Jeff Kaye, Director of Public Safety, Desert Sands Unified School District, La Quinta CA

There is no doubt that Theresa Campbell has the expertise, knowledge and passion to help schools and communities develop and implement effective anti‐bullying initiatives in their schools to create a safer and caring school climate – one that every child deserves and every parent hopes for. That is what Safer Schools Together training is all about. – Dr. Leena K. Augimeri, PhD. Director, Scientific and Program Development & Centre for Children Committing Offences Child Development Institute & Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto

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