Safer Schools Together has a proven record of helping
schools throughout North America in Violence & Bullying
Behaviour Prevention and Intervention Strategies.

  • Theresa Campbell
    Meet Theresa

    Theresa Campbell


  • Dr. Greg Gerber
    Meet Greg

    Dr. Greg Gerber

    Executive Director of Training

  • Doug Strachan
    Meet Doug

    Doug Strachan

    Executive Director of Communications

  • Kelly LePrieur
    Meet Kelly

    Kelly LePrieur

    Operations Manager

  • Nancy Hiebert
    Meet Nancy

    Nancy Hiebert

    ERASE Coordinator

  • Lauren LaJambe
    Meet Lauren LaJambe

    Lauren LaJambe

    Training Coordinator

  • Sherri Mohoruk
    Meet Sherri

    Sherri Mohoruk

    Consultant, Safety & Wellness / Ministry Liaison

  • Randy Wallis
    Meet Randy

    Randy Wallis


  • Lauren Hauff
    Meet Lauren Hauff

    Lauren Hauff

    Marketing / Threat Analyst

  • Jeanette Mitchell
    Meet Jeanette

    Jeanette Mitchell


  • Chris Bruneau
    Meet Chris

    Chris Bruneau

    Administrative Assistant

  • Nanette Sears
    Meet Nanette

    Nanette Sears


  • Nick Chernoff
    Meet Nick

    Nick Chernoff

    Senior Threat Analyst / Case File Manager / Presenter

  • Colton Easton
    Meet Colton

    Colton Easton

    Senior Threat Analyst / Presenter

  • Trevor Dallow
    Meet Trevor

    Trevor Dallow

    Senior Threat Analyst

  • Steven MacDonald
    Meet Steven

    Steven MacDonald

    Threat Analyst / Trainer

  • Ocean Van Samang
    Meet Ocean

    Ocean Van Samang


  • Cindi Seddon
    Meet Cindi

    Cindi Seddon


  • Dr. Keiron McConnell
    Meet Dr. Keiron

    Dr. Keiron McConnell


  • J. Kevin Cameron
    Meet J. Kevin

    J. Kevin Cameron

    M.Sc., R.S.W., B.C.E.T.S., B.C.S.C.R

  • Rob Rai
    Meet Rob

    Rob Rai


  • Robyn Boffy
    Meet Robyn

    Robyn Boffy


  • Dr. Todd Kettner
    Meet Todd

    Dr. Todd Kettner


  • Meet Kim

    Kim Leifso


  • Scott Rothermel
    Meet Scott

    Scott Rothermel


  • Theresa Campbell
    Meet Theresa

    Theresa Campbell


  • Kayla Pegues
    Meet Kayla

    Kayla Pegues

    Office Manager, USA

  • Nick Chernoff
    Meet Nick

    Nick Chernoff

    Senior Threat Analyst / Case File Manager / Presenter

  • Sarah Moran
    Meet Sarah

    Sarah Moran

    Senior Threat Analyst

  • Sarah McTyeire
    Meet Sarah McTyeire

    Sarah McTyeire

    Threat Analyst / Presenter

  • Luke Schwarm
    Meet Luke

    Luke Schwarm

    Threat Analyst

  • Jordan Granacki
    Meet Jordan

    Jordan Granacki

    Threat Analyst

  • Daniel Lewis
    Meet Dan

    Daniel Lewis

    Threat Analyst

  • Susan Payne
    Meet Susan

    Susan Payne


  • Eric Tamashasky
    Meet Eric

    Eric Tamashasky


  • Mia Langheim
    Meet Mia

    Mia Langheim


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