Professional Training for School Safety and Threat Assessment Teams

Research has shown that prevention is the key to any successful school safety strategy. Safer Schools Together helps school communities minimize and manage risks of student violence with Digital Threat Assessment® (DTA) training.

Using best practices from the field of Behavioural Threat Assessment, school communities learn how to collect data and “connect the dots” to ensure online early identification of youth at risk of harm to themselves or others and the interventions necessary to prevent needless tragedy, violence, and trauma.



• To apply the principles of behavioral threat assessment to DTA
• To identify the digital behavioral baseline of individuals on the pathway to violence
• To assess the language of online threat-related behavior
• Searching within commonly used platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat
• To utilize boolean operators, people search engines, and access cached data
• To validate the source of images and video
• And more

“This was the most informative training I have attended on Threat Assessment, Social Media, and student’s online use. The presenters were absolutely amazing and did a great job of speaking to an audience with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Thank you so much and I look forward to the upcoming trainings!”

Sheila Kembel, Regional School Safety Program Manager
Puget Sound Educational Service District

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