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“Thank you so much for walking us through the Digital Threat Assessment and more yesterday! By far, in my two decades tenure with the CTECS, one of the most relevant, informative and engaging PD I have attended.”


Principal School Administrator, Connecticut

As an administrator at an independent school, I believe it is incredibly important that we educate our kids on how to navigate the online world. With so many of our students communicating through social media, we want to give our kids the tools necessary to make safe choices, and to avoid putting themselves in compromising situations. Nick Chernoff’s presentation struck the perfect tone with our students, balancing a hopeful, student-centered approach, with the necessary messages surrounding the uglier sides of social media, such as sextortion and the risks of sharing inappropriate content. This presentation helped contribute to a positive school culture and was well received by students, faculty, and parents alike. I would highly recommend this presentation for any school.

Richard Primrose, Assistant Director of Student Life

Richard Primrose, Assistant Director of Student Life St. Michaels University School

“As a Community and School Resource Officer, I was in awe of the information this training presented. Social media is not an option, it is the way our students and youth communicate on a daily basis. I simply wasn’t speaking their language, and my relationships were not as productive because of it. Within two weeks of taking the Digital Threat Assessment training from Safer Schools Together, four students walked into the office at one of my schools to report that their friend was contemplating suicide. During the initial interview with them, I was able to utilize Snapchat’s new SnapMap feature to quickly locate the student on a map in real time. Previous to the training, I didn’t know that there was such a tool that would allow us this opportunity. I believe that a student is alive right now due to the courage of the four students and the quick use of available open source social media. This is a MUST have training for school district and any law enforcement who deal with youth. This training WILL save lives!!”

Police Officer

Police Officer

Lynwood Unified School District has been working with Safer Schools Together (SST) for three years. The monthly worrisome reports we received from SST are a valuable and essential tool in keeping our Lynwood District community safe. I am continually impressed with their level of professional support and outstanding customer services. If you are in charge of security, safety, and/or law enforcement for your school campus community, SST is a valuable partner to have on your side.

Frank Molleda, Chief of Security

Frank Molleda, Chief of Security Lynwood Unified School District

As an administrator in a large independent school, I have been involved in numerous situations involving technology over the years. As the proliferation of cell phones and social media platforms increased, I began to feel less confident in being able to navigate the cyberworld that is so familiar to our students.

To increase my confidence, I enrolled in the day-long ‘Digital Threat Assessment’ course offered by Safer Schools Together. The course far surpassed my expectations in providing me with the trends of today’s digital world, and the tools to make sense of them. The course was so impactful because it taught me the skills and then provided realistic scenarios for me to apply them.

An unexpected bonus came after the course in the form of shared resources on diverse topics that will surely come in handy in future situations.

The next time that I find myself investigating a situation connected with technology, I know that my new competencies will be invaluable.

I enthusiastically recommend the ‘Digital Threat Assessment’ course to school administrators and to anyone who is looking to understand how technology is being used by teenagers today.

Gary Sylven

Gary Sylven Attendee of 'Digital Threat Assessment Course'

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