Behavioral and Digital Threat Assessment® (BDTA) is the first blended multidisciplinary model designed to help Safety/Threat Assessment teams in the early identification and assessment of individuals on the pathway to violence. BDTA™ integrates Safer Schools Together’s Digital Threat Assessment® (DTA) training and best practice from the National Threat Assessment Center’s (NTAC) Behavioral Threat Assessment model which is founded on more than 20 years of research. BDTA® includes a 3-step response plan developed to help teams ensure all worrisome, concerning, and threat-related behaviors are proactively responded to reducing the potential of violence within your community.


• How to conduct an initial assessment, a comprehensive Multidisciplinary data collection and assessment
• How to develop a Threat Intervention & Management Plan
• Best practices for duty to warn/inform
• How Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) initiatives and social-emotional learning in schools positively impacts school culture, climate, and connectedness
• How to establish a Multidisciplinary/Multiagency Threat Assessment team
• Best practices when conducting searches in home and school environments
• How to conduct digital searches on open-source platforms, language analysis, proper documentation, and centralized reporting
• Defining concerning, prohibited, and worrisome behaviors
• Defining thresholds for Law Enforcement investigations
• How to establish assessment procedures, including best practices for interviewing, threat management and progress monitoring
• Current best practice for communicating when responding to threat-related behavior