*Prerequisite: SST Digital Threat Assessment® (within the past two years)

Advanced Digital Threat Assessment® (DTA) builds and expands significantly on the content covered during the prerequisite DTA training. Participants will gain a concrete understanding of how to select relevant digital information found in real-life School Safety / Threat Assessment data gathering scenarios. Working collaboratively through case scenarios based on real-life situations, teams navigate the social media world using familiar and new techniques.

Trainers will share standard operating procedures as participants work towards a final practical assignment by applying tools and lessons learned. Participants will leave feeling confident in their ability to independently establish the Digital Behavioral Baseline of a subject of concern (SOC) and produce a comprehensive report.


• The browser extensions vital to conducting online searches
• Application of advanced online investigative tools
• How to establish the Digital Behavioral Baseline of an individual, school, and community
• Online searches for capturing timely and relevant content before it disappears (e.g., impending bomb threat, school lockdown, cyberbullying)
• How to use social media to find a missing person
• How to address online threat-related behaviors and anonymous threats
• How to use law enforcement guides to request user identifying information (preservation and production orders)
• How to configure dashboards: automating searches to save time
• The lesser-known platforms: Gab, 4chan, 8kun, and kiwi farms
• Current best practice for teams addressing school shooting threats, self-harm, sexting/sextortion, and bullying/cyberbullying related incidents
• Crowdsourcing using Twitter geofencing
• Reverse phone/email search
• How to examine the metadata of photos
• Photoshop/error level analysis
• Useful browser add-ons and extensions

*Further preparatory instructions for the Advanced DTA class will be provided in your registration email.


This training has helped me advance my skills in investigations tremendously.  I will now be able to go above and beyond the general scope of knowledge and solve cases quicker and with stronger evidence now that I know how to look for the blatant information that is right at my fingertips

Megan, School Resource Officer

Megan, School Resource Officer Two Rivers Police Department

I appreciated the thoroughness of the Threat Assessment training.  There were a lot of great details and real-world examples that were brought up.  I appreciated the website tools and that the ones that were chosen were freely available and not from a specific vendor.  Thanks for the training!

Dan Wang, Network Manager

Dan Wang, Network Manager Verona Area School District

As a Deputy with the Sheriff’s Office, I work with runaways.  I found this training very informational as most all my kids use social media platforms to communicate. I hope to put into practice many of the skills I learned to help locate children and return them home.

Tracy Longano, Deputy

Tracy Longano, Deputy Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Even with having knowledge of technology, I still learned new and useful tactics and information with SST!

Demitrius Skrapates, Technology Specialist

Demitrius Skrapates, Technology Specialist Dwight Public Schools

Excellent training! Would recommend it to all of those working in education. Very informative and CAN SAVE LIVES!

Michael Prokop, Assistant Director of Campus Safety

Michael Prokop, Assistant Director of Campus Safety North Central College

These guys hit it out of the park! Great interaction with trainers and top-notch information disseminated!  Thank you again for providing such useful training!

Joy Davis, School Resource Officer

Joy Davis, School Resource Officer City of Edwardsville

Excellent hands-on practice for methods to gather digital information for school-based behavioral threat assessment investigations and inquiries.

Michael Grenda, School Psychologist Supervisor

Michael Grenda, School Psychologist Supervisor LaSalle Putnam Educational Alliance

I have been working in threat assessment with our schools since 2015, and this training has magnified my knowledge in the area of digital research, social media platforms, and the vital aspect of including the social media report for subjects of concern. The presenters had a wealth of information and were able to maintain an interactive and captive message throughout the day. Highly recommend!

Nancy Kelley, Safe Schools Director

Nancy Kelley, Safe Schools Director Collierville Schools

This training definitely hit on some hard but relevant topics.  I left the training with confidence that as a team we will be able to assess digital threats and know when to pass on to law enforcement and how to keep our school community safe in an ever-changing digital world.  I look forward to continuing to learn more as the social media world around me changes every day.

Leigh Coradetti, Multi-Tiered System of Support Coordinator

Leigh Coradetti, Multi-Tiered System of Support Coordinator Kankakee School District #111

This class provided some additional tools to use in any threat assessments that we may complete, and also provided different ways to look at some information that I would not think of normally.

Sarah Stark, Detective

Sarah Stark, Detective Northwestern University

I have participated in two SST training courses and both have been phenomenal. The topics are relevant to everyone working in k-12 and higher education and law enforcement.  The skills I learned are invaluable when it comes to using social media as an investigative tool. The hosts/trainers are knowledgeable, approachable, and eager to help. I recommend SST training and look forward to taking more in the future.

Brittany Floyd, Assistant Director

Brittany Floyd, Assistant Director Eastern Illinois University

The information in this training is way more advanced and prepares you on how to conduct searches you may not have known were possible.  It opened my eyes to how much information/technology is out there that can be used for either good or bad.  The training is definitely worth going through. You will learn a lot and a lot of resources are provided to you.  Definitely recommend.

Terry Trautman, Detective

Terry Trautman, Detective Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

The Advanced Digital Threat Assessment course exceeded my expectations. All aspects of this course were directly applicable to helping me and my team keep our employees and our company safe, Well Done!

Brian Murray, Workplace Violence Prevention Manager

Brian Murray, Workplace Violence Prevention Manager Discover Financial Services

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More Testimonials