Establishing Safe, Caring and Respectful Digital Communities

1-hour educational session*

This student session covers all things digital, from how to be a good digital citizen to the criminal consequences of cyberbullying. Some of the most prominent concerns currently surrounding students’ use of social media platforms and smartphones will be discussed.

Training will include:

  • The importance of caring for peers both online and offline
  • The criminal and social consequences of cyberbullying behavior as well as possession and distribution of intimate images (sexting and sextortion)
  • Digital media habits, oversharing, and digital addiction
  • The permanence of online posts/activity
  • The significance of your digital tattoo in how others perceive you (e.g., college admissions officers and potential employers)
  • Geo-locational settings and the dangers of social media and cell phone misuse

*Please note that these presentations are tailored towards age groups with no more than a 2-grade gap per session.

Restorative Response to Racism Through An Educational Lens

1-hour educational session

Our school communities are not immune to racism or the difficulties students face in dealing with the issue outside of the classroom. This session provides expert insight from trainers who have worked in the field of restorative practice in communities affected by racism and hate. While unpacking the positives of discussing racism in our communities, strategies are provided for students to confront racism within their own peer groups.

Training will include:

  • Promoting “anti-racism” within school communities
  • Overview of the three levels of racism and context/history of what people of color have endured
  • Creating awareness of online social media groups related to racism
  • The importance of not allowing racist language and jokes to become “normal”
  • Encouraging students to stand up, speak up, and protect each other
  • Take-away activities designed to bring students together and provide educators the chance to check-in with their class

Student-Led Peer Mentoring Program “Developing Digitally Responsible Learners”

6-hour training session for students in grades 9 & 10

This training is a school-based peer-mentoring initiative that aims to embrace our youth as valuable and primary resources in prevention and education. Selected students will deliver experiential presentations to their local community schools to address current concerning trends of youth and their online use.

Mentors will explore their individual as well as group values, practice their presentation skills, and develop activities for younger students. Specific focus will be placed on developing digital citizenship skills and appropriately addressing cyberbullying. Through youth-driven peer education, students will explore how the internet and social media can be used appropriately and in a positive manner.