SST’s Worrisome Online Behavior Reports complement the evolving needs of TA/SS teams. This service includes a personalized report on open source social media content that relates to your school district’s student and staff safety. These reports enhance school safety and student welfare by identifying potential risks or threats in near real time allowing for proactive intervention.

On a monthly or bi-monthly basis, you will receive a comprehensive PDF report summarizing the Digital Behavioral Baseline of your school district. This includes most used social media platforms and top active users within your schools. It will also include recent real-world social media content localized from your school community that identifies any worrisome online behavior. The real-time identification of open source social media plays a critical role in mitigating and preventing school violence. These reports are a valuable prevention tool for identifying students on the pathway to violence, suicide, radicalization and/or gang involvement.

Case Consultations provide your team access to our skilled Threat Analysts who are available on an as-needed basis when school safety incidents, concerns, and issues arise. Call or email us with incident specific information, and SST will produce a Digital Baseline Report within 24 hours to help support your incident and critical response plan. SST also provides general social media monitoring support for specific student concerns. SST has a proven track record of securing open source social media information that has led to successful
school and community interventions as well as full scale police investigations and prosecution. SST assists in the assessment of this information through a Behavioral and Digital Threat Assessment® lens and will provide consultation as needed.

Lynwood Unified School District has been working with Safer Schools Together (SST) for two years. The monthly worrisome reports we received from SST are a valuable and essential tool in keeping our Lynwood District community safe. I am continually impressed with their level of professional support and outstanding customer services. If you are in charge of security, safety, and/or law enforcement for your school campus community, SST is a valuable partner to have on your side.

Frank Molleda, Chief of Security, Lynwood Unified School District