Fundamentals of Digital Threat Assessment® (DTA) introduces participants to the concept of DTA and its place within the practice of Threat Assessment. Proactive and evidence-based, Fundamentals of DTA will assist your team in identifying individuals that may pose a threat to the safety of themselves or others.


• How technology and digital platforms have evolved
• The most popular social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.)
• School Safety / Threat Assessment social media account creation and relevant searches
• Documentation of social media accounts when conducting DTA
• Privacy settings for all the leading social media platforms
• To identify vault apps and hidden content
• The difference between usernames and vanity names
• To download and save videos
• The difference between incognito browsing and VPN
• Current social media language, trends, and their significance
• To document your digital findings


I enjoyed the content and definitely learned some things I had not previously known. I also realize, as social media sites continue to progress, I need to stay updated on the latest trends.

Tiffany Hedrick, School Resource Officer

Tiffany Hedrick, School Resource Officer Portsmouth Police Department

“That was the most smoothly run, well-timed/paced online seminar I’ve done so far. Great presenter.”

Erase Fundamentals of Digital Threat Assessment

Erase Fundamentals of Digital Threat Assessment

I thought I was up to date on social media, but this workshop was very helpful in exploring techniques to further protect myself and others online. Highly recommend!

Cynthia Littleton, Assistant Principal

Cynthia Littleton, Assistant Principal Rockbridge County High School

This was my first experience with SST, and I will be sharing this with my department so that more of our Patrol Officers can have this training as it is very advantageous to their roles.

DeWayne Sanders, Sergeant/Detective

DeWayne Sanders, Sergeant/Detective Christopher Newport University Police Department

This was a great training! I need to attend the longer session to keep up with what the kids in schools (and my own) are doing on social media. Every school staff member and parent should be aware of this training.

Charles Andre Kidrick, School Safety Officer

Charles Andre Kidrick, School Safety Officer Clarke County Public Schools

The course was presented in a logical, and easy to understand format.  The presenter kept my attention for the entire duration and was very well focused.  I would highly recommend this course for all those involved in student safety!

Nick Georges, Technical Security Coordinator

Nick Georges, Technical Security Coordinator Fairfax County Public Schools

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More Testimonials