Sgt. Justin Parry

Winnipeg Police Service
Gang Expert Program Manager

About Justin Parry

Justin Parry is an 18-year member of the Winnipeg Police Service and is currently the Sergeant of the Secure Operations Unit which oversees witness protection, member security, informant control, intelligence, and Counter-Terrorism intelligence. Additionally, Justin currently manages the Winnipeg Police Gang Expert Program.

During his assignments with the Homicide Unit, Major Crimes Unit, and Organized Crime Unit, Justin has gained extensive experience with gangs and gang-motivated offenses.  He has conducted complex investigations that focused on gang-related activities, including several large-scale Part VI investigations.  In 2012, Justin was qualified as an expert in Manitoba Provincial Court to provide testimony on two Indigenous-based criminal organizations.

Justin is also the Winnipeg Police Service Chair of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics.

Presentation | The Evolution of a Youth Street Gang that Became an Inter-Provincial Criminal Organization

This session will discuss how a youth street gang from a small impoverished Winnipeg neighborhood became a criminal organization with ties to multiple Canadian provinces.  A group that specialized in the exploitation of youth from Indigenous and newcomer communities to commit drug trafficking and murder.