Norman Miller

Florida Gang Investigators Association

About Norman Miller

Norman Miller is a 30 year law enforcement veteran with a Masters in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security from Tiffin University. He earned a graduate certificate in Information Management and Analysis from Eckerd College, a CENTCOM/CIA sponsored program for the development of intelligence analysis. Norman is currently serving as an investigator assigned to the gang prosecution unit. He has investigated major crimes, gang crimes, white-collar crime, misdemeanor, and juvenile and truancy issues for over 24 years with the State Attorney’s Office under Bernie McCabe.

Norman previously served as a deputy sheriff for the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office, where he began working gangs in 1993 after the Latin Kings formed in a school where he was a school resource officer. He has been a member of the Florida Gang Investigators Association since 1994, where he is currently the Director of Training. Norman is also the Vice-Chairman of the Tampa Bay Multi Agency Gang Task Force (MAGTF), one of the largest in the state of Florida.

Presentation | Gangs, Drill Rap, Social Media and their Relationship

Music videos have been used as a form of expression for decades. More recently in some cases, they have been used as a tool to send threats, promote gang culture, and flaunt illegal substances. Social media and music videos are not the sole reason there has been a rise in violence amongst young people; however, there has been a direct correlation between music and social media as related to gang violence. Professionals who work with gang members should be aware of the role that music has historically played in gang culture and the increasing use of music by gangs to gain members and support for their gang. The increasing portrayal of violence in the lyrics of these songs indicates a trend toward the willingness to use violence against police officers