Asst. Chief Rudy Perez

Golden Valley Police Department
Assistant Chief

About Rudy Perez

Assistant Chief Rudy Perez was sworn in as president of the National Association of Schools Resource Officers (NASRO) in July 2022, after serving as NASRO’s Vice President. Through his role as president, Assistant Chief. Perez is dedicated to uplifting NASRO’s mission of dedication to making schools and children safer by providing the highest quality training to school-based law enforcement officers. Additionally, Assistant Chief. Perez has served at the Los Angeles School Police Department for the last twenty-three years as a Lieutenant as the Adjutant to the Chief of Police. Recently, he was selected to be Assistant Chief of Police at Golden Valley Police Department (suburb city in Minneapolis, Minnesota), in May 2023.

Presentation | Early Prevention and Intervention in the Education Ecosystem

This session focuses on the vital aspects of school safety, early prevention, and early intervention across the K-12 and higher education landscape. Attendees will explore the roles of school resource officers, school administrators, parents, mental health professionals, and school counselors in creating a safe environment. Additionally, the session will examine strategies to build resilience among students, the use of technology and AI, the responsible usage of social media, and methods to harden school targets.