Cpl. Tyler Zrymiak

RCMP – Saskatchewan Trafficking Response Team

About Tyler Zrymiak

Cpl. Zrymiak graduated from the RCMP Training Academy in October 2007 and has completed postings in the Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan. Cpl. Zrymiak was posted to the Saskatoon Integrated Intelligence Unit in 2014 and began focusing on organized crime investigations, and ultimately, street gang investigations.

Since 2014, Cpl. Zrymiak has been involved in strategy and policy development, public and police awareness/education, criminal investigations, operational planning, and targeted informant development. In 2018, he was presented with the

“Excellence in Performance” award by the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police for his part in developing a gang suppression strategy for the Saskatchewan RCMP. Cpl. Zrymiak is now posted to the Saskatchewan Trafficking Response Team (SERT).

Presentation | Saskatchewan Street Gang Landscape

Saskatchewan continues to see rapid growth and expansion of local street gangs. We are also seeing an increasing influence from organized crime groups outside the province. This presentation will provide an overview of the current street gang climate in Saskatchewan.