GRIP Advanced Digital Threat Assessment® (DTA) is an enhanced one-day training to the DTA training which takes a deeper look into the internet and online search techniques that will support School Safety / Threat Assessment (SS/TA) teams and their community agencies navigate the vast world of adolescent online behaviour that includes gang-associated activity.

Training Description:

  • Application of lessons learned in DTA
  • Photoshop/error level analysis
  • Reverse phone/email search
  • Use the internet to complete detailed online searches
  • Describe Twitter functionality and its use to support online threat assessment
  • Describe the advanced internet subcultures and the issues associated with each
  • Apply advanced online search techniques to identify safety concerns pertaining to gang-associated youth
  • Exploring the lesser-known platforms: Gab, 4chan, 8kun, Kiwi Farms and how gangs are using them
  • Falsified digital information awareness
  • Current digital trends being utilized by gangs
  • Sociograms/social mapping of negative peer groups

Register – Advanced DTA

This Advanced DTA Training will be presented remotely via Zoom. You will receive an information email containing the meeting ID and passcode 2-days prior to your session.
Login opens at 8:30 am
Session runs from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

I have completed Digital Threat Assessment® training within the past 2-years:(Required)
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