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2020 – Positive Trends Roundup

With students online now more than ever before, we’ve seen an increase in the total volume of social content that is being shared. Although our main focus thus far has been on identifying the worrisome content, our Threat Analysts at Safer Schools Together have seen their fair share of positive posts and trends too.

Our analysts have rounded up their top social media trends and favorite videos of 2020 to share with you. We hope this content will provide a little positivity to what has been a very challenging year.

1. DoggFace

This video got so many people drinking cranberry juice just vibing out. It even made that Fleetwood Mac song come back into the Billboard 100!

The clip even inspired this principal’s Halloween costume:Skateboard teacher

2. Students show appreciation for their profs

We were reminded of the significant impact educators can make in the lives of students, even while socially distant.

Teacher appreciation

3. Indigenous culture celebrated

We saw more indigenous culture being celebrated in online spaces:

Notorious Cree

And a little more kindness and individuality being shared online:

boys with braids

4. Sharing #yellow

Inspired by the Coldplay song yellow, students used the hashtag #myyellow to show off something or someone they love.

#myyellow5. Resourcefulness was the name of the game

We saw how truly creative educators could get when they used their shower walls in lieu of whiteboards.

White board shower

6. Different kind of grad

School communities banded together to give students the best physically distanced grad celebrations as possible:

social distance grad

7. We came together

Is it just us or did this video give you #allthefeels, especially given the year it’s been? The Maroon 5 song “Memories” took on new meaning in this stellar rendition and reminded us why what we do to support school safety is so important.


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