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ALERT: Second Wave of High Profile Violence (Home Grown Extremists, Youth Radicalization, Imitators and Terrorists)


In June 2014 we issued an ALERT stressing the importance that “Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Protocols be utilized to their fullest during that Extended Critical Period” in reference to the 15 cases of multiple victim homicides and attempted homicides in a two month span across Canada and the United States. Relevant to that ALERT we noted 5 of the 15 tragedies were targeting police. Immediately following the release of that ALERT two more police officers were shot in the United States.

In the past week (October 20th – 24th) we have seen 4 incidents of high profile violence in Canada and the United States. In 3 of the 4 cases both military and police were targeted by adult perpetrators in Quebec, Ottawa and New York followed by a multiple victim school shooting in Washington State by a teenage boy.

During this time we have also experienced an increase of threat related behaviours throughout the province, country and beyond.

This “second wave” is not changing the fabric of Canadian society. Our open society is still our best protection against systemic “extremism” and “radicalization”. What is happening is that we are choosing to modify our degree of formal collaboration to meet the current dynamics of the international stage of which we are a part. Naturally open systems (families, schools, communities) and professional partners woven within them can see when troubled individuals are evolving. We have already proven across this country that where multi-agency protocols are in place for Violence Threat Risk Assessment (and other initiatives) our ability to assess and intervene is greatly increased.


Attached is a memo that was distributed to Youth Officers in our province as a reminder to be extra vigilant as they work with our youth.

To read the full alert, please visit the links immediately below.

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Nat Security Memo to Youth Officers (2)

Alert issued by Safer Schools Together Ltd., and the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment & Trauma Response.