Violence & Bullying Prevention Intervention Strategies

Professional Development

  • Codes of Conduct – ensuring policy translates into action
  • Promoting Connectedness – with staff, students, parents and community partners
  • Assessing and Improving School/Class Climate & Culture – ensuring all of our schools are naturally open
  • Exploring the Importance of the Role of Physical Environment in Schools
  • Impact of Domestic/Dating Violence in our Schools
  • Criteria for Program Selection & Implementation (e.g. Social Emotional Learning)
  • Diversity – design for difference to address homophobia, racism and systemic racism
  • The Difference between Peer Conflict, Mean Behaviour and Bullying Behaviour
  • Types of Bullying Behaviours
  • Successful Intervention Strategies & Tools to Address the Different Types of Bullying
  • Effects of Bullying Behaviour on Children and Youth
  • Managing Social Media & the Evolution of Sexting Behaviours

Training Resources

Each session will receive the following tools and resources: *

  • Training manuals
  • 2 hours of post training consultation
  • School Culture Check
  • Responding to Problem Behaviour at School/Self Evaluation Tool for School Teams
  • Diversity/Discrimination Resources
  • Physical/Verbal/Relational Bullying and Cyber Bullying Research & Prevention Resources
  • Bullying Behaviour Flowchart & Checklist
  • Take U Out of Bullying Classroom Based Resource
  • Text & Social Communication/Abbreviation Dictionary

* (up to 60 copies provided, additional copies will be extra)


I am pleased and honoured to provide this recommendation for Theresa Campbell in the context of her overall leadership and her remarkable work as a Safe Schools expert and national/international resource person on matters associated with safe schools, threat assessment, proactive measures and anti-bullying initiatives. Surrey School District has been fortunate to benefit from Theresa Campbell’s passion, expertise and commitment to the whole field of safe and caring schools and the development of system capacity to achieve and maintain the environment our students and employees need. – Mike McKay, Superintendent/CEO Surrey School District

Theresa Campbell is a rare combination: she is both a highly skilled presenter as well as a leading practitioner in the fields of bullying prevention, social networking, and violence threat risk assessment. There is no one more current in understanding cyber bullying and the social networking world and its impact on North American youth than Theresa Campbell. – Kevin Cameron, President Canadian Centre for Threat/Risk Assessment

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