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Informed Consent in Media Sharing

The most powerful way to respect the rights of a child in how to control their own identity is to ask for permission to document and share online. Empowering this process should focus on student control over how their image is used – in every educational situation. This can be difficult with remote learning and online virtual spaces, especially with students choosing to continue participation in various online spaces. In a respectful manner, students themselves should be asked for consent for the specific instances their image will be used in virtual spaces and secondary sharing environments like social media or online publication.

The Informed Consent in Media Sharing resource educates you on the variables and best practice in Media Sharing. This resource also includes a Consent Document Media Release Form for school staff and administrators regarding collecting parent consent to engage their student(s) in healthy publication and promotion of generated content involving students, educators, and school communities online.

Click Here to View/Download the Informed Consent in Media Sharing Resource