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Social Media Awareness, Digital Citizenship, and Cyberbullying | On-Demand Training

Click Here to Purchase: Social Media Awareness, Digital Citizenship, and Cyberbullying On-Demand Training

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This parent module focuses on all things digital. Your child in Middle/High School has now entered the peak of their digital media lives where cell phone ownership doubles, video game use explodes, and social media use becomes problematic. At this age, children encounter situations that will challenge their independence. Parents have an important role to play in providing support and guidance during critical periods.

You will learn:
  • Digital media habits, oversharing, and digital addiction
  • The permanence of online posts/activity
  • The significance of your digital tattoo in how others perceive you (e.g., sports teams, college admissions, and potential employers)
  • Relevant trends in your district/general area, information children may encounter while online and how to address it effectively
  • Vault apps and how to detect them
  • Geo-locational settings and the dangers of social media and cell phone misuse
  • The social and legal consequences of cyberbullying behavior as well as possession and distribution of intimate images (sexting and sextortion)
  • Recommendations for family rules/conversations, parental controls, family tech plans, as well as suggestions for monitoring your tween/teen’s digital life
  • Snapshot of concerning apps and platforms will be provided to equip you with your digital parenting strategy