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The Rapid Rise of Vaping - Lynda Steele

We’re seeing a resurgence of nicotine addiction in our youth

Despite being in a pandemic with a virus that attacks lungs, vaping is still gaining popularity, especially with youth. The Rise of Vaping will cover what vaping is, how it is being marketed to youth, and what parents and educators can do. 

Listen to Dr. Krank & Doug Rogers discuss vaping on CKNW’s Lynda Steele show


Dr. Marvin Krank 
Professor of Psychology, University of British Columbia, Okanagan

Dr. Krank has an active research program in substance use with an emphasis on adolescents. The focus of Dr. Krank’s research is the psychological determinants of drug use and drug effects including seminal work on drug tolerance, drug withdrawal, and cognitive models of substance use trajectories in adolescents.

Dr. Krank is currently pursuing a number of projects examining ways to support healthy thinking and choices to reduce substance abuse in youth. These projects include assisting in the delivery and evaluation of Preventure, a personality-based intervention, as well as developing the Healthy Automatic Behaviours, Intentions, and Thoughts (HABIT) program for Grade 6 and 7 students. The goals include reducing the initiation and escalation of substance use in early teens (ages 12 – 16). 

Doug Rogers
Substance Abuse Prevention Counsellor for SD#22 (Vernon)

Doug has taught for over 31 years in Vancouver, Burnaby, Vernon and Washington State and has given hundreds of workshops and presentations throughout British Columbia and the Western United States.  He has undergraduate degrees from UBC (BPE, B.Ed) and postgraduate degrees from both UBC (MPE) and UVIC (M.Ed). Doug is also a Canadian (CCADC, CCAC) and internationally certified alcohol and drug counselor (ICADC). The main focus of his work and research in SD#22 is to support students and families so that they can live healthy and drug free lives.