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Chelsea Payne, MSE

Senior Threat Analyst / Resource Coordinator

Chelsea Payne is a Senior Threat Analyst and Resource Coordinator at Safer Schools Together. She began her career with SST in 2019 after receiving her Masters in Higher Education Student Affairs and her Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations at Fort Hays State University. During that time, Chelsea was an academic advisor and assisted students in the career exploration process. As an academic advisor and career counselor, she began teaching and presenting to classes on specifically self-awareness which included goal setting, personality traits, and assessing one’s strengths. Throughout her experience, Chelsea found her passion for working with students and is determined to create a positive climate and culture.

Coming from a family background of law enforcement and school safety, her passion for helping students is continued through collecting worrisome online data for school districts in the United States and Canada to ensure early intervention and prevention.