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Colton Easton

Project and Training Manager

Colton joined Safer Schools Together (SST) in 2016 after receiving his Diploma in Law Enforcement Studies at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. In his current role as the Project and Training Manager, Colton works closely with SST CEO/Founder Theresa Campbell in the development and implementation of trainings such as Behavioral and Digital Threat Assessment® (BDTA) which is based on the USSS/NTAC model, Digital Threat Assessment® (DTA), and many more.

Colton is an accomplished trainer, having presented to thousands of individuals from organizations across North America including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and numerous other law enforcement agencies and both K to 12 school districts and higher education campuses.

Colton began his time at SST as a Threat Analyst where he gained invaluable experience and knowledge collecting social media data that is used to assist Safety/Threat Assessment teams in conducting accurate threat assessments. He has been involved in several high- profile cases relating to school safety in Canada and the US.