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Randy Wallis

Randy is a Trainer and Case Consultant for Safer Schools Together. He provides support to the
Threat Analyst team while also training across North America.

As a lifelong learner and someone who is passionate about Youth Safety, Randy has supported ‘at
risk youth’ and their families throughout his 30+ year career as an International School Counsellor
and as an Inner-City Youth and Family worker. Having presented to educators, parents, and
students across the globe, Randy comes with immeasurable knowledge and a unique skill set.

Randy has a long history of combining his work in counselling and education to work alongside Law
Enforcement, International Embassies, Mental Health Clinicians and Hospitals. Through this work,
Randy has developed comprehensive and developmentally appropriate Social Emotional
Curriculum and Child Safety protocols to ensure Safe and Caring Schools.

With his studies in counselling and psychology, Randy has centered most of his work to understand
family structure and dynamics, cognitive behavioral interventions for trauma, and inclusion in

While supporting the Threat Analyst team and training, Randy is putting final touches on a manual
created for educators in learning to support children through traumatic transitions in the International
School’s community.