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Sherri Mohoruk

Consultant, Safety & Wellness / Ministry Liaison

Sherri Mohoruk is a safety and wellness consultant with Safer Schools Together and serves as a liaison with the Ministry of Education. She provides strategic advice regarding school safety matters and direct support to public school districts and independent schools dealing with safety, critical incidence and trauma-related matters. Previously Sherri held two leadership positions with the BC Ministry of Education – most recently as Superintendent of Integrated Services Safe Schools and earlier as Superintendent of Liaison.

As Superintendent of Integrated Services; Safe Schools, Sherri had responsibility for all aspects of student health and safety with a specific focus on implementing the provincial Expect Respect and a Safe Education (ERASE) strategy to address bullying, violence threat risk assessment, critical incidence, and trauma response. Other responsibilities included Internal government/national liaison on student health and safety, Healthy Schools, Emergency Preparedness and student issues related to substance misuse, mental health issues, child abuse, and reporting, domestic violence and gang prevention.

In her role as the Superintendent of Liaison, Sherri provided a link between the Minister of Education, the Ministry of Education and the province’s sixty school districts and education partners. She facilitated connections between ministry divisions, school districts, and partner organizations to improve the implementation of ministry policy, initiatives, and directions.

Sherri has worked in public education in both Canada and the United States as a teacher, principal, director for student services, director for curriculum and instruction and as an assistant superintendent. She has a long-standing interest in educational leadership, student health and safety, literacy and early childhood education. She has presented nationally and internationally at a number of different levels.