In this session we will explore recent case studies of scenarios involving targeted hate and racism handled by SST’s team of subject matter experts. We will discuss the significance of Digital Threat Assessment® and the importance of regularly assessing social media and other digital platforms for any signs of digital leakage that may indicate targeted hate and/or racism. We will also cover how to apply restorative practices to ensure school connectedness and best practices related to communication and incident management. You will leave this session with a better understanding of how to identify distinct aspects of discrimination as well as hate-related incidents and will receive an Interactive Resource Guide to support your Threat Assessment response to targeted hate and racism.


• Case Studies involving real incidents of targeted hate and racism and the impact on individuals and communities
• An overview of the key principles and elements of restorative practices, and how they can be applied in the context of addressing targeted hate and racism in school communities
• Strategies to address targeted hate and racism through early identification with Digital Threat Assessment® techniques
• Best practices related to communication and incident management
• Examples of erase Report It / PSSTWorld anonymous student tips


Thank you for all the trainings you put together! Always so relevant and inspiring!

Emma Savard-Maltais, Counsellor and SWIS

Emma Savard-Maltais, Counsellor and SWIS Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (SD93)

I have participated in numerous training sessions offered by SST and find them informative and very practical. I use many of the tools in my job to help support students, staff and families.

Liliane De Oliveira, Vice-Principal

Liliane De Oliveira, Vice-Principal Burnaby School District

SST is making a difference and continue to invite community partners within Canada and abroad. Many points to take away from these presentations and the opportunity to share knowledge. It’s appreciated

Julie Blais, Police Officer

Julie Blais, Police Officer Greater Sudbury Police Service

This opportunity afforded me the chance to think more deeply about the impact of targeted hate on the entire community, not only the individual or marginalized group. I was also able to speak with colleagues also in this session to work on creating more opportunities for restorative justice practices within our community. What better way to understand the impact of one’s actions by working with those directly impacted. Thank you!

Kat Thompson, Teacher

Kat Thompson, Teacher Eagle Hill School

Nick, Scott, and Steven were great presenters and have a lot of knowledge and experience to share on targeted hate and racism amongst our youth. If you don’t think it’s happening in your schools or community, then you’re not paying enough attention. The workshop provides training in how to become more aware to these injustices and gives useful tips on how to address them in a manner that supports and educates our youth

Allie Diep, Counsellor

Allie Diep, Counsellor SD43 Coquitlam

Safer Schools Together continues to provide ongoing opportunities to engage and learn through presentations and group discussions. Very much appreciated that this agency provides a platform and experts to guide discussions.

Clayton Gull, Youth Probation Officer

Clayton Gull, Youth Probation Officer Ministry of Children and Family Development - Youth Justice

All I can say is that my experience with Safer Schools Together has provided me with the tools to better educate my community.

Jose Calderon, Police Officer

Jose Calderon, Police Officer Cicero Police Department

Thank you so much for your time and your training. The presentation was very thorough and well prepared. All speakers did a great job and the presentation started with the history behind these topics that built our understanding. Thank you for building our capacity in creating a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment at school for our students, staff and community members.

Megan Ankrom, Principal

Megan Ankrom, Principal SD54 Fairview Elementary School

This training was thought-provoking. The respectful, hopeful tone gives the courage to lean into specific actions. The restorative justice approach allows everyone to learn, grow, and thrive. While confronting some harsh realities, I still left feeling great hope for what a well thought out plan and caring educators can do.

Ellen Webb O’Brien, Supervising Fellow, Literacy Specialist

Ellen Webb O’Brien, Supervising Fellow, Literacy Specialist Fraser Academy

This was my second online course with SST. Their instructors are very knowledgeable, and provide courses that are useful, especially for SROs. I would recommend their courses to any SRO!

Cst. Brent Bohrn, Constable

Cst. Brent Bohrn, Constable Medicine Hat Police Service

I really appreciated a safe space to listen and ask my questions. The examples and stories shared were timely, relevant and helped me to see what appropriate responses could be. This session has made me a bit more confident moving forward.

Kim Iszak, Principal

Kim Iszak, Principal Ottawa Catholic School Board

Safer Schools Together put on a thoughtful, concise, and supportive training opportunity asking everyone involved to respond to incidents roundly and with care and compassion. The information shared was helpful in that it was both general enough and supported with enough specifics that allow participants to hold on to the pieces. The trainers and co-host were personable and approachable, authentically engaged and well grounded in both theory and practice.

Amanda Wardrop, Teacher

Amanda Wardrop, Teacher Vancouver School Board

The instructors were informative and engaging and the content was meaningful. The session has helped me think about my own practice and developing strategies to build restorative justice responses.

Ryan Hurley, Specialist in Diversity & Inclusion

Ryan Hurley, Specialist in Diversity & Inclusion Calgary Board of Education

Following the training, I feel much more informed about experiences my students might be having and gained practical approaches to dealing with race-based hate. Safer Schools Together shared tools that my students can use, and strategies that I am already implementing in my planning for the year. I will definitely be taking more of their workshops – they are affordable, relevant, and hugely informative.

Gillian Ani, Associate Director of Residential Life

Gillian Ani, Associate Director of Residential Life St. George's School

Safer Schools Together truly paint an accurate picture of the challenges our youth need to fight against every day in our schools and online. We have lots of work to do and SST seems to be an amazing resource to contact and a wealth of knowledge. Amazing presentation!

France de la Rochelle, Principal

France de la Rochelle, Principal Wilder Penfield

Your message is one we all need.  I think it is even more important for those of us who don’t have the shared experience of those who experience racism.

Elizabeth Teasdale, Coordinator of Family Schools

Elizabeth Teasdale, Coordinator of Family Schools Strait Regional Centre for Education

I loved the workshop that I attended on the Restorative Response to Racism. It was important for understanding the historical context, comprehending how world events have a direct impact on your community despite being far away, and acquiring ideas to take back to our school district.

Lindsay Fagan, Director of Catholic Education

Lindsay Fagan, Director of Catholic Education Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools

I really enjoyed participating in this training as it portrayed the different ways in which students are exposed and impacted by racism within an educational environment. I was particularly interested by the ways in which social media can trigger students and why we cannot simply ban a specific app to avoid this. Overall, the presentation was incredibly organized and well-explained; it is evident a lot of time and thought was put into this training seminar and I truly appreciate it! Thank you!

Azita Bagheral, Settlement Worker

Azita Bagheral, Settlement Worker Burnaby School District

Thank you for the enlightening webinar. The presenters were engaging and dealt with a difficult topic very well.  Their message was highly relevant, and I appreciated the tools that I could walk away with and implement with my students. Please keep up the good work!

Mercedes Hayduk, Manager: International Student Programs

Mercedes Hayduk, Manager: International Student Programs SD 72 - Campbell River

SST has again exceeded my expectations – thoroughly relevant, engaging and leaves me feeling simultaneously challenged to do the hard work and hopeful for the future.  I really appreciate the conciseness of the training and the online availability.

Jennifer Kennedy, Vice Principal

Jennifer Kennedy, Vice Principal SD 47 - Powell River

I am grateful for the training and support that we have received from Safer Schools Together. They are integral to the work we do in supporting students’ well-being and maintaining a safer learning environment.

Jackie Borosa, Safe School Coordinator

Jackie Borosa, Safe School Coordinator Nisga'a School District

SST’s clear, practical, and research-based approaches are a refreshing change from the ideological lectures that many recent workshops have offered.  Thank you for respecting our time together and delivering quality resources that I can apply to my practice tomorrow.

Heather Counsell, Vice Principal

Heather Counsell, Vice Principal Ottawa Carleton District School Board

Thank you very much for reminding me that we need to have those uncomfortable conversations with students and staff! I will be using some of the resources from today when students arrive next week.

Stacie Gruntman, Vice Principal

Stacie Gruntman, Vice Principal SD 59 - Peace River South

This was an outstanding training. Everyone who works in a school should take this course!

Sarah Barham, School Resource Officer

Sarah Barham, School Resource Officer Lake in the Hills Police Department

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More Testimonials