This session is intended for staff and community partners who support school safety, climate, culture, and critical incident/trauma-related matters including:

• Principals, Vice Principals, and other staff (teachers, education assistants, counselors etc.)
• Community partners who support School Safety / Threat Assessment (SS/TA) teams and violence prevention (e.g. law enforcement agencies, child protection and social workers, child and youth mental health workers)


• How to implement a trauma-informed return to school
• How trauma impacts learning
• How the pandemic has impacted students’ brains
• Strategies to support a comfortable return to school


SST provided a great look into understanding our traumatized students better and how we can assist them in realizing their potential as learners.

Mark Eismendi, Numeracy Consultant

Mark Eismendi, Numeracy Consultant Seine River School Division

The Safer Schools Together sessions are always well presented, informative and relevant, especially with the challenging and difficult topics of our current times.  They get to the core of the issues and present information and ready-to-use strategies to support our work at our schools.  I appreciate the practical, best-practice strategies and activities that can be implemented immediately.

Boe Beardsmore, Director of Instruction / Learning Services

Boe Beardsmore, Director of Instruction / Learning Services SDD 64 - Gulf Islands

The “Trauma-Informed Return to School” session was very good. Very applicable and timely. Thank you so much!

Crystal Tower, Director of Inclusive Learning

Crystal Tower, Director of Inclusive Learning Buffalo Trail Public Schools

I appreciated the opportunity to hear perspectives from across the country as well as from diverse experiences.

Stuart Richardson, Principal

Stuart Richardson, Principal SD 42 - Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows

I encourage all of my colleagues to attend SST trainings. It is no easy feat to host a compelling and engaging training online and you do it brilliantly. The material was presented in such an accessible and relevant way that I learned a ton. In fact, I can’t stop talking about what I’ve learned! A heartfelt thank you to the SST team for offering wonderful trainings.

Mary Henley, Community and Resource Development Manager

Mary Henley, Community and Resource Development Manager Waldorf School

As an administrator I have worked with Safer Schools Together a number of times over the last few years.  During the pandemic, our intermediate students have turned even more toward online socialization. As we all know, this can result in dangerous behavior.  The good people in Safer Schools were instrumental in providing support for myself and also worked directly with my students.  Today, I completed a short but concise online program that talked about trauma-informed practice.  This really helped get my brain wrapped around how I’m going to approach my return to school, after such a crazy last year and a half.  I really appreciated their reference to current research and pragmatic suggestions.

Hope Sterling, Principal

Hope Sterling, Principal Vancouver School Board

I really appreciate the wisdom and knowledge shared by the SST team. During a busy workday it is hard to make time for professional development, but I have always found SST workshops 100% worth it. They provide current and well researched information that help provide ideas and tools for schools.

Calea Lampard, Counsellor

Calea Lampard, Counsellor Pacific Christian School

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