Digital Threat Assessment One-Day Training

Digital Threat Assessment One-Day Training

A thorough understanding of current social media platforms being used

  • The reality of current school digital baselines across communities addressing region specific issues
  • Current trends of youth behaviour online and the risks associated with this use
  • How to find a young person across multiple social media apps and sites
  • How to use various open source tools to assist in data collection (e.g. Twitter and Instagram analytic tools)
  • How to obtain user information from social media companies in response to school safety issues

The data collection process

  • Training your brain to see past the noise and overwhelming amount of social media content, and focusing on relevant findings
  • How to accurately keep specific social media notes on what you find and how you found it
  • Screen capturing and documenting open source social media to preserve for school data collection / evidentiary requirements for police

Establishing a social media baseline for your school, community & individual of interest

 Location specific social media searches (GPS coordinate searching) – Showing how to draw a geo fence over your school and monitoring the digital heartbeat of your community

  • How to use geolocational searching to your advantage in identifying potential school safety concerns and student mental health concerns
  • Boolean keyword search operators
  • Facebook data baselines

Tools for emergency management: Social media data collection in critical time periods

  • Where to start looking to find as much relevant content as possible before it disappears. For example – a bomb threat, school lockdown, grad events preparation
  • Working with Law enforcement in contacting social media companies to obtain critical exigent (i.e. life/death) circumstances.
  • Assessing validity and veracity of online and social data.
  • Dealing with the timely response to online threat-related behaviours and anonymous threats using anonymous apps and proxy servers

Procedural recommendations for law enforcement and senior school administration in their use of social media

  • Use of personal accounts vs. professional accounts.
  • Current case law and school policy surrounding social media
  • Best practice information in harvesting social media content


“As an administrator in a large independent school, I have been involved in numerous situations involving technology over the years. As the proliferation of cell phones and social media platforms increased, I began to feel less confident in being able to navigate the cyberworld that is so familiar to our students.

To increase my confidence, I enrolled in the day-long ‘Digital Threat Assessment’ course offered by Safer Schools Together. The course far surpassed my expectations in providing me with the trends of today’s digital world, and the tools to make sense of them. The course was so impactful because it taught me the skills and then provided realistic scenarios for me to apply them.

An unexpected bonus came after the course in the form of shared resources on diverse topics that will surely come in handy in future situations.

The next time that I find myself investigating a situation connected with technology, I know that my new competencies will be invaluable.

I enthusiastically recommend the ‘Digital Threat Assessment’ course to school administrators and to anyone who is looking to understand how technology is being used by teenagers today.”

Gary Sylven
Assistant Headmaster
Rundle College Society
Calgary, Alberta T3H 3W5

If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled trainings and your district would like to host an in-house training please contact us direct at [email protected] and we will be happy to discuss your options and provide a proposal.


We also provide Student, Staff and Parent Presentations –

Violence & Bullying Prevention Intervention Strategies

Professional Development

  • Codes of Conduct – ensuring policy translates into action
  • Promoting Connectedness – with staff, students, parents and community partners
  • Assessing and Improving School/Class Climate & Culture – ensuring all of our schools are naturally open
  • Exploring the Importance of the Role of Physical Environment in Schools
  • Impact of Domestic/Dating Violence in our Schools
  • Criteria for Program Selection & Implementation (e.g. Social Emotional Learning)
  • Diversity – design for difference to address homophobia, racism and systemic racism
  • The Difference between Peer Conflict, Mean Behaviour and Bullying Behaviour
  • Types of Bullying Behaviours
  • Successful Intervention Strategies & Tools to Address the Different Types of Bullying
  • Effects of Bullying Behaviour on Children and Youth
  • Managing Social Media & the Evolution of Sexting Behaviours

Training Resources

Each session will receive the following tools and resources: *

  • Training manuals
  • 2 hours of post training consultation
  • School Culture Check
  • Responding to Problem Behaviour at School/Self Evaluation Tool for School Teams
  • Diversity/Discrimination Resources
  • Physical/Verbal/Relational Bullying and Cyber Bullying Research & Prevention Resources
  • Bullying Behaviour Flowchart & Checklist
  • Take U Out of Bullying Classroom Based Resource
  • Text & Social Communication/Abbreviation Dictionary

* (up to 60 copies provided, additional copies will be extra)


I am pleased and honoured to provide this recommendation for Theresa Campbell in the context of her overall leadership and her remarkable work as a Safe Schools expert and national/international resource person on matters associated with safe schools, threat assessment, proactive measures and anti-bullying initiatives. Surrey School District has been fortunate to benefit from Theresa Campbell’s passion, expertise and commitment to the whole field of safe and caring schools and the development of system capacity to achieve and maintain the environment our students and employees need. – Mike McKay, Superintendent/CEO Surrey School District

Theresa Campbell is a rare combination: she is both a highly skilled presenter as well as a leading practitioner in the fields of bullying prevention, social networking, and violence threat risk assessment. There is no one more current in understanding cyber bullying and the social networking world and its impact on North American youth than Theresa Campbell. – Kevin Cameron, President Canadian Centre for Threat/Risk Assessment

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